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Yossi Harari

Discover now, the stunning new handcrafted Yossi Harari pieces you've been waiting for. Featuring 18K gold, 24K gold and his famous alloy gilver.

Yossi Harari brings modern, timeless, elegant jewelry to life with a Mediterranean archaeological feel and look. He does this by making each piece of jewelry by hand. He does not use any molds or castings because that takes away his vision that he wants to instill when you wear pieces of his jewelry. He loves creating jewelry with a human touch. Yossi explains, “my jewelry is a contrast between the old and the new. Although I am inspired by archaeological jewels of the past, I have a modern, bold interpretation of classic designs.” Since each piece is hand crafted no two pieces are ever alike! Sign up for our newsletter to discover the world of Yossi Harai Fine Jewelry.